Tête d’étoile pendant - Après Ski
Tête d’étoile pendant - Après Ski
Tête d’étoile pendant - Après Ski
Tête d’étoile pendant - Après Ski

Tête d’étoile pendant - Après Ski

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Helios was pictured as a handsome god, crowned with rays of sunshine. He crossed the sky everyday, driving to the ocean that sorrounds the Earth, and came back to the start every night through the East. Ra was the god representing the shinest midday Sun. In the early days he was the most important figure in the Underworld, where it was said that he was travelling every night as Auf-Ra, the setting Sun.

Designed by Après Ski and handmade by artisans who work with gold plated silver in a traditional way.
For pierced ears.
The Rosetta collection is made in Turkey.
All products are nickel free.
*These necklaces are handmade and each piece is unique so these can have slight changes in size and shape.

Collection: Rosetta
Material: Gold plated silver
Measures: 3,5×1,5cm*
Chain length: 42cm

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